Embroidered Labels 101 – What Are the Basics?

What are embroidered labels?

It is a machine embroidered labels that have a raised feel to it. The raised feeling is created with threads. They generally have a vintage, classic or traditional look and feel.

What are machine embroidered labels?

They are ornamental labels that are produced using an embroidery machine. Embroidery machines use pre-patterned designs to embroider different colored threads and embroidery types onto a base fabric. The purpose being, to greatly enhance garments, fashions, and clothing brands.

How does an embroidery machine work?

Embroidery machines are designed to produce digitally embroidered labels. They work by tightly pulling the fabric in a frame, while using an automated, multistep process, to embroider the digitally designed pattern on to the base fabric.

The quality of the embroidered label is determined by a set of different factors. One key factor is the level of expertise of 2 essential jobs: technician and puncher. The technician preps and sets up the embroidery machine, and the puncher digitizes the label design. Another key factor is the crucial supplies needed to machine embroider.Tags: Embroidered PatchesPatches

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