Embroidered vs. Woven Patches

What’s the Best Type of Patch, for Me?

Figuring out what patch is best for your needs, Embroidered vs Woven Patches is something you need to do when deciding to add a patch to your garment or accessory. Here at Vai Trimmings, we sell all types of patches, from WovenEmbroidered, and even printed patches. Therefore choosing the type of patch for you could become a little tricky. Don’t fret, Vai Trim is here to help you along the way to patch greatness. This blog and all our other blogs are here to help you get to know us, our patches, and what is right for you. Read on and hopefully learn all about the patches!

What are machine embroidered patches?

Firstly you can tell it’s an embroidered patch, as it has a raised feeling to it. The raised feeling is created because the embroidery threads are thicker and sewed onto a piece of fabric. They generally have a classic or traditional look and feel, which gives a great retro look to any garment or uniform. These patches are very flexible as they can be sewn or ironed on to any garment. However, one small drawback to the embroidered patches, they can also be pricey.

How are woven patches made?

A woven patch, on the other hand, is made with thinner, finer threads. These threads are intertwined together, to create a tighter weave in the patch. The tighter weave is what lets woven patches show finer details, smaller lettering, and clearer graphics. This thinner thread ultimately produces clearer lines and a flatter appearance. This is a must for the more complex patches we create at Vai Trims for our worldwide customer’s sports shirts and uniforms. Again, these patches can also be stitched or ironed on to any type of fabric. If you are looking for high-quality, but at a great price point, then you should consider woven patches for your project.

What is the difference between the 2 types of patches?

At the end of the day, there are 4 main differences when comparing the 2 types of patches: 3D appearance, thread weight and thickness, patch details, and overall richness. Below may help you decide which patch would best suit your project style.

1. The 3D appearance in an embroidered patch has a raised feeling to it, while a woven patch has a more flattened and silky feeling.

2. The weight & thickness of the threads are determined by the type of patch that is going to be created: embroidered patches are machined with thicker threads, and woven patches are weaved with thinner threads.

3. Patch details appear differently, because of the types of features being displayed. If the desire is a patch that enhances big and/or single details, embroidered patches are most suitable. For patches that show very fine details, the best choice is woven patches. They can also be produced, using a .jpeg pic.

4. There are also 2 distinguishable types of patch richness that contrasts each other. Their contrasts in appearance provide different looks: lusher, thicker, and more elegant looks appear in embroidered patches, and woven patches show a more detailed, lighter style of look to them.

Although 1 type of patch is not better than others, there are differences when comparing the pros and cons of them. It all depends on the type of job the patches are being used for.

For lower, minimum quantity orders, embroidered patches are used. Woven patches always have a higher, minimum order quantity.

Which patch is the best, Woven or Embroidered Patches?

Woven Patcsh Back, Can Sew or Iron on

It all depends on the job, purpose, and use of the patches.

Embroidered patches are made with thicker threads and are machined, using any base shape: circular, rectangular, shield, or any other shape you require. These types of patches are widely used by the fashion industry, to enhance their name brands, and to also make the garments unique and more precious. They are also used with other garment types, such as company shirts, celebratory affair garments, and social event fashions. Embroidered patches are nicely vintage and classy looking.

Woven patches are more suitable for designs that have greater details, complex artwork, and sizable resolution. This is where these patches get their high-quality from the different types of materials used while machining the woven patch. They are usually cheaper to manufacture than embroidered patches. Widely used for sports and uniforms.

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