Getting to Know Woven Patches

What is a woven patch?

The Woven Patches are very much the gold standard of patches. The high-quality comes from the fact they are made from a variety of materials, which can be seen by its different textures. The varying texture allows for the high-quality material to withstand extreme weather and any other conditions that arise in your day-to-day life.

Whats in A Woven Patch by Vai Trimmings Bangkok, Thailand 2021

How are woven patches made to be Such high-quality?

Quite simply, they are made, using weaving machines that manufacture digitally, woven patches.  Woven patches are high-quality, because they are made, among other ways, using a multiple step, weaving process. This process is all digitized and allows for the weaving machine to automatically weave the patches.

In our fast-paced world, we often take for granted the quality of items that are delivered to us. We’re all familiar with woven patches and how they can be used in a variety of ways such as on bags or hats. But have you ever stopped to wonder how these high-quality pieces come into existence?

The answer is – using weaving machines! These devices work by digitizing images so that manually operated looms can produce long lengths of fabric without having to stop at each hole along the way like traditional threading systems would require.

This also allows for automatic stitching which means faster production times while still maintaining an excellent level craftsmanship thanks in part because it’s not subjectively human error but rather programmed precision driven by mathematics alone.

The weaving process starts with a ready-made, digital design being imported into the weaving machine’s interface computer. After the digital design is imported into the weaving machine, the process is continued by putting a winding line on the weaving machine and threading the winding line to a stitching needle.

Next, the weaving machine creates a base fabric with patches that are already woven into it. When the base fabric is finished being manufactured, the size of the fabric is reduced, so it can be used in the laser machine, so the smaller patches can fit in the laser machine and so the woven patches can be laser cut. The weaving process is then finished off by cutting the braided weaving, by hand. Then, the laser machine automatically cuts the patches, wraps the borders and then refines the borders with heat. Finally, the patches are packaged and sent to customer.

Once these steps are completed, the patches are ready and completed weaving. After the patches are woven, they are hand cut and prepared to be finished off.

Are woven patches really high-quality patches?

Yes, they are!

During the machining process, woven patches are made with very thin, fine threads. Using these materials provides a tighter weave in the stitching. The result is a high-quality patch. Thin, fine threads + tighter stitching = finer details, smaller lettering, clearer graphics, clearer lines, and flatter feel and appearance, or a high-quality patch!

 Why choose a woven patch?

They are more suitable for designs that have greater details, complex artwork, and sizable resolution. Woven patches tend to also be cheaper than other types of patches. More quality design options, for a lower cost!

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