Trusted Partners
of VAI Trimming

Please try and help local businesses and VAI Trimmings Trusted Partners, here in thailand during this difficult time of covid-19

Trusted Partners Of VAI Trimmings Bangkok, Thailand

Aschei International

Business: Aschei International produces directly and through partners, all sorts of patches, woven, embroidered, silicone, rubber, metal also combining these techniques in one patch.

Name: Alberto M. Ferraris

Email:  [email protected]

Tel: +66 080 6195632


Standard English Academy

Business: Standard English Academy offers English language instruction for innovative and native English speakers and businesses in Bangkok, Thailand.

Name: Christopher Lampert

Email: [email protected]


Tel: + 66-2-236-8588

Mobile: + 66-8-9155-0888

Clarity IT

Business: Professional, Reliable, Reputable IT Solutions and Services.

Name: Jack Nathan

Email: [email protected]


Tel: +66 09 0446 9022


Business: Goldfish is a dedicated specialist Search Engine Optimization company in Bangkok, Thailand. And is part of the Media99group based in Australia.

Name: Antony Bell – Founder CEO

Email: [email protected]


Tel: +66 851404949

Union Power

Business: UNIONPOWER, one of the most progressive and respected companies in the ocean freight and airfreight logistics industry in Asia.

Name: Ingmar Heid

Email: [email protected]


Tel: (+66) 061 858 2520

Beleb Ltd.

Business: BelebGO platform provides governance for remote assets and assets in motion.

We are an ad-hoc IoT solution offering monitoring and management of all types of moving or remote assets such as vehicles, people, equipment, sites.

Name: Volker Loges

Email: [email protected]


Tel: +66 989 792 565

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