Woven Patches – the Weaving Machine Process

What goes into manufacturing woven patches?

The weaving machine process is a multistep, digitized system that automatically manufactures woven patches. These are created based on digital designs and can be produced in any size or shape so long as the design will fit through an opening of at least 2 inches wide.

Woven Patches Process

Does the Woven Patches weaving machine process have many steps?

Absolutely, not! There are only 4-5 steps, depending on the type of patch that is being produced.

How does the multistep weaving process work?

First, we need to know what the steps in the process are.

  1. Preproduction
  2. Weaving Production
  3. Adhering Production
  4. Finishing Production
  5. Postproduction

Now that we know the steps in the weaving machine process, we can now better understand how weaving machines work.

Weaving Machine Process for Woven Patches With VAI Trimmings 2021

Pre Production Digital Design

In preproduction of the weaving Machine process, we start by uploading digital design data to the weaving machine computer. Next, the machine is loaded with a winding line that is threaded through a stitching needle. We are now ready to move to weave production.

Weaving production is the step that weaves the patches, followed by cutting with scissors. This step is continued by making a fabric, with a pattern that already has patches woven into it. After that, the machine is ready to start weaving production. We complete this step, by hand cutting the braided weaves. 

The next step is adhering to production. This step is optional. If adhering to production is required, we start by heating the machine and pressing an adhesive on the rear on the patches. After that, the machine’s computer is programmed for and then laser cuts the patches.

At this point in the weaving process, if adhering production is not required, but the patch requires a specific type of backing, we can also add a fleece material, on the rear of the patch. The types of fleeces that we are able to apply to the back of our patches increases thread durability, and the patches’ overall, final quality.

Finishing production is the part of the process that is done in a laser machine. 

Finishing Process

Before finishing can be started, the fabric is hand-cut, so it can properly fit in the laser machine.

After the fabric is hand-cut, it is loaded into the laser machine.

Then, the Weaving Machine machine process computer is programmed for laser cutting.

Next, the machine automatically laser cuts the patches.

This patch weaving step is completed by wrapping the patch border and refining it with heat.

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